Very interesting tombs can be seen on both sides of the border between Libya and Chad when flying over the Tibesti and Ennedi. Although they are known as compass tombs, probably because of their resemblance to a compass needle, they remind me more of a leaf or a drop. I am particularly fascinated by their elegantly curved shape, which has nothing Stone Age about it. It reminds me a little of the soft lines of ancient Egyptian painting during the Akhenaten period. Did peoples from the Sahara come to Egypt back then and bring their style of painting with them? Probably not, because as far as we know, the timing doesn't go together. At Wikipedia can be read that these monuments are said to date from the third millennium BC and their authors are unknown.

Images courtesy of Google Earth™

These pictures are only a small selection. All the objects I found are included in the following download (Google Earth required): Download approx. 1,500 placemarks of Compass tombs >

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