Son Corró is a temple complex from the post-Talaiotic period (500 - 123 BC), located on the road between Sencelles and Costitx, and is one of the most important sites of Mallorcan prehistory. The site was once immense and extended far beyond the farmland that now borders it. The few remaining columns still give an impression of how this place must once have looked to the people of the Bronze Age.


In 1894, a sensational find was made here. It was three small bull heads cast in bronze. The works have a high degree of detail and are a wonderful testimony to prehistoric craftsmanship. Experts therefore assume that they were not made in Mallorca, but were imported from one of the craft centres of the eastern Mediterranean. Today, the heads are in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid. The Mallorcan island government has been demanding their return for years.

Later excavations revealed a number of other finds, such as bronzes, ceramics and necklaces. However, the "Caps de Bou", the three bronze bull heads, remain the most interesting find to this day.

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