Es Racons is located south of Llubí on a side road towards Sinéu. For me, it is an impressive place because there is a mighty talaiot on both sides of the road. Very little is known about this place. Nor is it known whether it was a talaiotic settlement or a zermonial centre. The main talaiot, with the remainder of its ancient central column, used to be entered through a low entrance corridor. On my last visit, I unfortunately discovered that this site, like many others, is now fenced off and closed by a gate.


The layer of soil inside is higher than that around it. It is therefore possible that there is another piece of the central column and remains of the former floor under this layer. Only future excavations can bring clarity here.

The second talaiot is a little smaller, but still retains an impressive height. It is not accessible because the ground level today is higher than in talaiotic times. Its entrance is probably hidden in the ground and is also waiting to be uncovered.

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