Desert Kites:


Despite the comparatively dense settlement of Armenia, an astonishing number of desert kites have remained visible here over the millennia. If you look at the shapes, most of the structures are reminiscent of Arabian desert kites. But there are also some that resemble the Central Asian ones. An exciting question would be whether such similarities are pure coincidence or whether there was an exchange of technology between these regions at that time.

Scientific publication on the Armenian kites >

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Hunting techniques in this region are likely to have been very similar to those in the Arab region. Guiding fences of a kilometre or more in length lead to the catching enclosures. The game was probably collected almost automatically in this way and led to the gate where the hunters waited for the animals.

These pictures are only a small selection. All the objects I found are included in the following download (Google Earth required): Download Google Earth placemarks >

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